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08/28/17 The Perks of Domiciling in the Sunshine State

The sunshine, soft ocean breezes and lower taxes make Florida a popular place to live. Generally speaking, Florida domicile carries tax advantages over domicile in other states – with respect to income taxes, state estate taxes and homestead.

03/14/17 Naples Wine festival awards $12.25 million

The reach of the Naples Children & Education Foundation is broadening through its $12.25 million in grants this year to charities and for long-term initiatives to lift up the lives of disadvantaged children...

Southwest Florida dream: 300-mile, paved bike-ped trail closer to reality 2/14/17

Picture a 300-mile ribbon of pavement for walking, running, bicycling or skating that stretches from Clearwater through Naples.


It runs past scenic waterfronts, bucolic landscapes and lively downtowns.

MOST READ 2016: Southwest Florida's Top Commercial Real Estate News: A Look Back at the Southwest Florida Market's Biggest Commercial Real Estate News in 2016

"The Southwest Florida commercial real estate market continued to experience dynamic changes in 2016 as more investors looked beyond the largest core markets for high quality properties in secondary and tertiary locations.


Here are the stories that you, our readers, considered to be the most interesting and newsworthy in the market over the past 12 months..."

2016 Real Estate News in Review

Inventory – 2016 might have been the best year ever except for one thing: Realtors didn’t have enough homes to sell. Almost every economic indicator suggested that recession remnants had disappeared: In November, Case- Shiller declared that home prices had surpassed their pre-recession peak, and statistics compiled by Florida Realtors research department found a steep decline in foreclosures. The final piece of any economic rebound — wage growth — appeared surprisingly strong by December, when unemployment dropped to a seven-year low. A continued economic uptick and new demand from baby boomers and millennials might make 2017 real estate’s “best year ever,” providing more current homeowners decide it’s time to sell.

Housing Market Highs and Lows

Whether in the market for a new home or thinking about a refinance, home buyers and homeowners have a lot to wade through.


New and Existing Home Sales Up in Much of U.S.

March Existing Home Sales were up 1.5 percent from a year prior, the National Association of REALTORS® reported. From February to March 2016, Existing Home Sales also jumped 5.1 percent after a decline in February. Sales rose in all four regions of the country.


Meanwhile, a sharp decline in the West sent New Home Sales lower by 1.5 percent in March. Across the country, sales in the East were unchanged while sales rose in the Midwest and South. Year-over-year sales were up 5.4 percent from March 2015. The New Home Sales report measures the number of newly constructed homes with a committed sale during the month.


Current sales inventory of existing and new homes is running lower than normal. That inventory gap might not be filled by new construction. Building Permits, which are a sign of future construction, declined 7.7 percent from February to March 2016, hitting a 12-month low. And Housing Starts (when excavation begins on a home) declined 8.8 percent in March from February. Despite the month-to-month decline, Housing Starts are up 14.2 percent in March 2016 from a year ago.


Loan Rates Temper Rising Home Prices

 The Core Logic firm projects a 5.2 percent overall price increase for 2016. While home prices continue to rise, home loan rates have hovered near 52-week lows this spring, which is good news for home buyers and homeowners considering a refinance.

This Article published in the Homes & Money Newsletter

Construction efforts may focus on speeding up Estero Blvd. project

Lee County is considering putting bridge replacements on hold to speed up Estero Boulevard road work on Fort Myers Beach.


The County may delay work on three bridges along Hickory Boulevard: Big Hickory, Little Carlos and New Pass.


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"Oh I think it's a great idea I don't know how people could even live on that island with the traffic," says seasonal resident, Diane Decaire.


After hearing how business owners are hurting, Commissioner Brian Hamman suggested postponing the bridge projects and using part of the $35 million they had to planned to use on them toward Estero Boulevard construction.


"My hope is that we could put more money towards a project we could get it done a couple of years faster," explains Hamman.


The bridge replacement are part of Lee County's Capital Improvement Plan.


The three bridges are safe, but lack modern amenities like bike lanes and sidewalks.


"I think that would make so much more sense I think this is just such a huge undertaking to speed it up as quickly as possible would be very good for everybody," Kate Eckert ofTuckaway Bagel and Wafel Cafe


The county is now working to see if the bridges can wait to be replaced and how much of the budget can be allocated to construction.

ABC-7 Story Here

Grand Resorts

Are you curious about the Grand Resorts FMB development?  Here are some of the changes that are being proposed for Fort Myers Beach!

"Learn More"


Keep up to date with all the latest information on the Estero Blvd construction project with information about the project, and traffic conditions!

"Learn More"

ON August 25th 2015 Lee County Held An Information

 Meeting On Fort Myers Beach Regarding

The Estero Boulevard Improvements Project

they provided us with a Web Site (below to keep everyone informed as they go along--I wanted to pass it on , as your Island Representative and Local Realtor and Resident) In short what was explained was that Phase 1 is the North end of the island down to Lover's lane ( by Red Coconut/ Wells Fargo Bank Curve in the road) It will take approx 18 mo to complete but 2 lanes of traffic will always be open ( except for moving equipment) so they are trying hard not to impact traffic as much as possible, but that is the reality to improve our island in the future.


Then they will move down further south...


“Are you ready for up-to-date information on the refresh project? Click here






For additional information please contact the refresh Estero Boulevard public information officer: Kaye Molnar, Cella Molnar & Assoc. Inc. 239-337-1071 or toll free 877-496-1076

In Honor Of France & The Families In Grief In Paris

When Paris turned out its lights, the rest of the world turned them on.

We Stand With France

On 9/11 France said, "Today we are all Americans". Today we stand with France.

"Today we are all French".

A Touching Ageless Photo On Veterans Day!

At the Naples School Mason Academy event in honor of our Local Veterans, A tender Hug which meant Everything to this Vet whose Grand Daughter broke the ranks

to thank him for his Service!

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